About The Franchise Sherpa

Jeremiah Kim


Providing personal guidance to franchise ownership.

I am a legacy entrepreneur. I began my working life at the age of 13 when I would travel the country with my father building television towers. I was groomed to inherit and run that business with my older brother but that changed. As I reached the age of twenty-one, I realized that life "on the road" was not cohesive to a family life and decided to exit the industry when I was accomplishing things never done by someone so young in that rugged and demanding industry.

I tried my hand in the lumber industry, advertising, automotive and I was even a corrections officer. Through all these experiences and being exposed to such a wide variety of personalities, accomplishments and levels of responsibility, I realized that the difference between the most and least accomplished was opportunity.

This realization drove a very real desire to help provide opportunity to those who are talented, capable and responsible enough to achieve the desires of their heart and to do what they truly love to do, what they were born to do.

I had an idea of how I was going to accomplish this but the discovery of this opportunity, franchise consulting, checks all the boxes and did it in a much more structured manner. I like to solve problems, creatively and have owned my own businesses. I am aware that franchising is one of the lowest-risk business ventures that provides even the most inexperienced entrepreneur with the systems and support necessary to realize their dreams. Homeownership is not the American dream, working for yourself is.

The best news is that my services are not paid by you. Like an executive recruiter, my fee is paid by the company that you choose as the right fit. The price is right and there is the possibility that this will lead you to what you have been trying to find.